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Garage Heaters

If you’re looking for a professionally installed heater for your garage or shop, give us a call at Wild’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We employ certified and qualified technicians who can assist with proper installation of all garage heaters. We can also make any necessary repairs to your existing heater if needed.

We carry a line of safe and affordable garage heaters that can give you peace of mind all the while keeping you warm and comfortable while you work in your shop. Not sure of what type of heating unit to place in your garage or workshop? No problem! Once we determine how large the work space you’re looking to heat is and any other details you would like to share with us, we can recommend a selection of garage heaters that would work best.

There are gas, electric and radiant heaters available to choose from. If you work with highly flammable liquids, an electric heater might be better suited for your needs. Always place flammables as far away from the heater as possible to prevent potential fires. If you select gas heat, you’ll also want to make sure there is ample ventilation flowing through your workshop to get rid of the fumes and other gases that build up while the heating unit is in use.

The safety and comfort of you and your family is very important to us; should you have any questions or concerns as to what type of garage heaters we carry, please give our friendly and helpful staff a call. We can either schedule an appointment so you can talk with one of our technicians or we can offer you different options over the phone.